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          Homepage > Sustainable Development
          Sustainable Development

          Management System

          1. Management principles: compliance, the customer first, employees health, Green repairing, harmony Yongsan

          2. Management objectives:

          Safe Production

          Security objectives: Safety first, Prevention, Comprehensive treatment

          Production safety rule: Life and health of employees above all else

          Safety Production style: Strict, Fine, Careful, Real

          Safety advocates: Prevention is everyone's responsibility

          Safety performance indicators: Death does not occur production accidents, occupational diseases caused by the job does not occur, the focus of the station house fire and explosion accidents to zero.



          Environmental Protection

          Environmental philosophy: Energy saving, Stop pollution, Green ship repair

          Environmental goals: To prevent large pollution accidents

          Environmental performance indicators: Main sewage outfall pollution discharge standards, dust, toxic and hazardous gas control standards to prevent chemical, toxic chemical spills, no major environmental pollution accident.

          Quality Assurance